this logo is for an established PR company in Hollywood.

Logo for The Realm - a creative academy for children in Santa Monica

Logo for the Ear Institute in Palm Desert- an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist.

Logo design for the Image Company-a marketing and branding company.

this logo was for a company who wanted to develop environmentally friendly product.

I designed this logo for trade show business that wanted to promote agriculture and future business in Africa.

I designed this logo for a business that wanted to develop a trade show dedicated to the growing business in Africa.

This logo was designed for a company that was promoting health and fitness through eastern methods and ideas.

this logo was designed for Joel Silverman who is a well known animal trainer for Hollywood and Television.

This logo was designed for a company called Stage Gear. They produced boxes for on the road equipment mainly for musicians.

Le Bulldog in Beverly Hills logo is for a company that wants to produce product with a Bulldog as their mascot.

I designed this logo for Goodworks Entertainment Group. Their mission is to acquire licensing deals and donate a portion of proceeds to charity.

This logo was designed for a woman who wanted to promote math to girls.

This logo is for Rocky Durham- a Chef from New Mexico. He writes books and teaches.

Logo for a Vintage Furniture Store

Logo developed for THE EYELID INSTITUTE

A Specialty Toy Store LOGO- located in Venice, CA

Logo designed for a large property management company who specialized in Santa Monica, CA properties.

Logo designed for VIVA Physicians Convention for their Global Theater Sessions

Logo designed for the VIVA Physicians Convention for the VIVA Unscripted sessions. It featured impromptu conversations between physicians.

Logo banner for Dr. Denise. Used on her collateral and website. She wanted use of DNA strands since that is core to her work. I used an italic for her font because I wanted to give her a softer modern look.

Updated logo for a Facial Rejuvination Physician.

Logo designed for a positive merchandise brand. Mugs and Tees. Enjoythehappy.com


i take these projects and clients big and small all seriously. this is their business and i pay attention to their needs and what they need to get across in a second. and of course, always working within their budgets…again, big and small.


various projects and clients big and small who needed a logo