Variety of Identity Programs

Letterhead, Notecard, Envelope and Business Card for the Image Company-a Marketing and Branding Company

Letterhead, business card, notecard and envelope for an Attorney at Law. She wanted something serious, but not stodgy old school.

Letterhead, front and back of business card, envelope and notecard for Le Bulldog of Beverly Hills.

Notecard, business card and address label for GoodWorks Entertainment Group. A licensing and branding company that gives a portion of proceeds to charities.

Company collateral for Dr. Kasey Li, a world renowned Sleep Apnea Surgeon.

Identity Materials for THE EAR INSTITUTE. Challenge was to convey "hearing" in a graphic, modern, comfortable way. The icon is a stylized interpretation of a cochlea. The color green was chosen for it's softness and clean, light feel.

Trifold brochure designed for THE EAR INSTITUTE. The goal was to create an informative, easy to read brochure for future clients. We wanted to design a piece that would not scare or be too sterile. Coming to a Hearing facility is a big step in life. Dr. Kato wanted a first impression of safe, comfortable and knowledgeable.

Business card for Vintage Furniture Store.


Each client has their own identity that they want to convey to their clients. I listen and work with them to present a first impression to leave a lasting impression through design, color and typeography.