Saint John’s Health Center

I designed the new Saint John’s Health Center Logo. Used on ALL Foundation branding, including signage and all collateral.

Rendering of new logo on Saint John’s Health Center building.

Sigange usage on the building

Designed and produced a Brochure for their Legacy of Children wall to solicit contributions. I wanted to create a warm feeling but not too babyish feel.

I designed a brochure for the Health Center’s Gold Card Program. The object is to secure donations and with that comes some nice perks for the donor when they stay at Saint John’s.

Designed and art directed brochure to reach out for fundraising

Folder designed for potential donors to hold cards that explain how contributions to Saint John’s Health Center are used.

This piece was designed for Breast Cancer Month and to celebrate survivors. They were invited to a special lighting ceremony at the Health Center.

The Celebration culminated in the lighting of the Health Center. It was a beautiful event.

Saint John’s Health Center needed a very informative brochure with LOTS of information to share. I designed this piece so the reader could read and digest the information in small doses, and also be able to go back easily and locate it again.

Created new collateral to incorporate the new brand logo.

Trifold Brochure with pocket for self addrssed envelope for donations. 24x30 poster which held brochure holder on same stand. Placed in hospital lobby.